Prepare a project report on how you would raise fund to establish an Islamic microfinance project in a poor Muslim country of your choice and how you would screen the projects.

You should focus on the following points in your project: 

(i)    Discuss three theories for fund raising and explore some Islamic avenues from the infq sector you would use them to microfinance SMEs

(ii)    Identify three main business areas for microfinance that would alleviate poverty in this country. (chosen country: Bangladesh)

(iii)    Evaluate the Risk Profile of such business SMEs

(iv)    Explore the entrepreneurial skills you would impart to SMEs participant to make their projects sustainable

NB. 1. Students should not adopt a simple narrative discourse but should rather critically evaluate the literatures. 2. They should not just replicate ideas from literatures but rather display a deep level of critical analysis of the theme.

I will give more info on chat including structure of the overall project.

2500 words max but you can go 10% over maxim.

    Line spacing 1.5
    Font Calibri, size 11
    Heading bold in capitals, no underlining in the document at all, if you need to emphasise something then italicise
    Sub-heading bold
    Margins should be word default – top and bottom margin 2.5cm, left and right margin 3.17cm

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