microbiology report

Brief Introduction: State the purpose of your investigation. A Maximum of Three (3) sentences for the introduction should be good.

Materials: State materials you used in investigating your unknown organism. A couple of sentences.

Method: Describe the steps you used in identifying your Unknown I. You can paraphrase the me steps in the lab manual. Maximum of one paragraph.

Results: Describe the morphological characteristics of your organism, and state the gram status of your organism (This should be what you reported on your grams report sheet). Include pictures of results in submission. At most three (3) sentences.


State the purpose of each step of the test (for instance, you added the crystal violet for bacteria which thicker peptidoglycan to pick the stain).

Compare your results to the expected results (based on my feedback on your grams report)

Explain what may have accounted for any differences between your results and the expected results, if applicable.

Draw a conclusion on your unknown 1.

One (1 or 2) paragraphs for this section.


Cite any references you used. Your lab manual should be included. Use the APA referencing style.

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