Micheal Brown DOJ Case

Provide a summary of the events, evidence, investigation and applicable law, pages 1 to 27 of the DOJ investigation. Your summary should include the culpable mental state of Darren Wilson when he discharged his firearm based on the NYS Penal Law,  a timeline  of events leading up to the confrontation and concluding when Michael Brown’s body is removed from the scene, as well as the height and weight of both Michael Brown and Darren Wilson.

The paper should be a review, analysis, critique, evaluation of the DOJ report from the view of an investigator. The materials needed to conduct your evaluation are the penal law, case law identified in the report, the DOJ report itself and if you want the grand jury testimony. Was the crime scene properly set up and protected, was the evidence collected, processed and evaluated? Was an adequate canvass conducted? What was the criteria used to evaluate witness statements? Was their evaluation appropriate? Note that the report has three categories with subcategories of witness statements. Did officer Wilson commit a criminal act, state and/ or federal? Conclusion, was the investigation conducted using appropriate methodology, was there anything that you would recommend to enhance the quality of the investigation, do you agree with the findings? Why? or Why not? As noted in the rubric, content should be well-presented and argued, ideas detailed, well-supported with specific evidence and facts, as well as examples and specific, accurate facts.

Please be extremely detailed

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