Project# 3. The chairwoman of Really Big Company, Deborah Holly, is concerned about the use of emojis. Write a 600- word memo to Ms. Holly recommending an emoji ban and explaining why emojis should not be used in corporate communications. You must show at least two examples of emojis which might be misunderstood, and explain your recommended-implementation policy. In researching the topic you must show consequences of the misunderstandings, or the studies/articles explaining the problems and include sourcing as part of a grammatical sentence, not as an academic-essay citation. Also include the link to the article/ study near the reference to the article/study. Do not include a citation page. Ms. Holly knows what emojis are dont waste space explaining them.  You must use the memo format THAT I ATTACH TO THIS.
For example I want you to use exact word to word for the conclude with part.

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