Media Paper Proposal

You can pick any topic related to media history and theory so long as you can relate it to the ideas and themes of this class. This gives you tremendous latitude to pick a topic you are excited to study in more detail, be it a specific media text (i.e. a film, TV show, or video game), a type of media genre, a new media format, or any number of other topics. Your topic can be historical or contemporary; focus on one media text, multiple texts, or no texts at all; can focus on the production of media, the distribution of it, or the reception of it. As always, the more specificity you can bring to your topic, the better. Your topic should also be something that requires original research, rather than something that can be written on without doing any research. >> Your proposal should make clear what the topic of your paper is, and give some indication as to how you plan to research the topic. << **Needs to be a topic that you can write 6-8 pages about**

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