Media Magazine Midterm

Choose ONE of these media: print (includes newspapers, magazines, books), audio (radio, recorded music, podcasts), or television (includes movies, TV shows, or photography), and then:
write about its beginnings
how it has changed and evolved as technology for this medium improved
how has the Internet affected this medium- for better and worse
is it still being used as intended?
1,000 words, submitted through SafeAssign
DUE:4/16 5:00 p.m.
content: must include solid research on the medium you have chosen; must site articles you use- you should consult at least two articles for this paper- not just the textbook; make sure you include a separate sheet for citations
clarity: the paper should be clear and concise; I should be able to understand your points; do not repeat yourself nine different ways to fill space! Speaking of space: paper must be double spaces- that means each line should be double spaced. Paragraphs should not be! That’s another way of filling space; there is a LOT to talk about with whichever medium you choose; no fluff and stuff!
grammar/punctuation: you should check spelling, watch capitalizations, and grammar!


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