McFarland, USA analysis

This paper focuses on the movie, McFarland, USA.

Here are some of the main questions to address.

What were some of the preconceived cultural ideas that each group had of one another?
How did these cultural ideas and views change over the course of the movie?  How did the change particularly impact intercultural communication and behavior between people? 
What especially stood out for you as the Caucasian and Mexican (term used in movie) groups learned about each others cultures?
How did these new learnings and understandings about each others culture change the dialogue (intercultural communication)?
Also, how did the new learnings subsequently change the views each had of one another?
From an intercultural communications standpoint, how did Blanco and the Mexican athletes communicate with each other?
What was the event where the cross-country runners stopped calling White — Blanco and began to call him coach?
What are some steps that will encourage and support effective intercultural communication between different social or ethnic groups in our community and society?

Also, I have noted below some of the key points and scenes in the movie that you want to be sure to watch.

KEY SCENES in the movie, McFarland, USA

Cultural conflict between teacher White (played by Kevin Cosner) and students and high school staff
Blanco (White) decides to do a days work in the fields
Note that the farm workers get paid by the field
Note the questions: How old were when you started to work? The answer is 10 or 11 years of age. The reply was I wanted to quit when I started, because it was so hard
Pay close attention to the scene where Blanco visits the Diaz family home. What happens? What do you think of the intercultural communication the character playing Mr. Diaz and Mr. White?
Scene: How did the coach and the cross-country team bond in the orchard?
How did coach help them to go to college?
What were some of the obstacles against them going to college?
What did the McFarland runners do when they qualified for state?
What is the quinceaera?
Scene: Who said, Nowhere Ive lived that I feel this much at home and accepted?
You cannot run without a coach. What does this mean?
What do you think of the singing of the National Anthem?
How does Cosners speech to the cross-country team motivate them to run like theyve never run before?
What does it mean when Cosners character states: You kids have the biggest hearts Ive ever seen?
Be sure to hang-on for the 3 minutes documentary update after the end of the movie. Its very informative and motivational.
Also, be sure to listen to the music played during the showing of the movie credits. Its well worth your time. Note the large number of Hispanic names of the production staff that produced this Disney film.

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