maybe cyber bullying

*NOTE: If a check mark appears in the box, it signals you have successfully completed this part of the assignment. If an X mark appears, it means you need to improve on this section.


The essay is formatted properly as a letter directed to a specific audience
Establishes the focus of the letter
Clearly defines a problem of local and immediate concern
Description of the Problem

Details the various aspects and complexities of the problem
Cites specific examples to illustrate the scope of the problem (these examples may come from personal observations, recent events, and/or a public acknowledgment of the problem)
Conveys a thorough recognition that this issue affects many individuals, besides just the writer
Clearly identifies who is affected and who would benefit from addressing this problem
Properly introduces and quotes from sources when necessary
Provides sufficient analysis of the problem (shows why this problem is urgent and necessary of our attention)
Proposed Solution

Clearly calls for a specific action or recommendation to address the problem
Articulates a feasible plan that the reader could assist with
Urges the reader to consider addressing this problem in a respectful manner

Communicates the urgency of the problem
Identifies the value to addressing this problem now
Respectfully invites the reader to consider the issue and take action accordingly

Essay reflects attention to proofreading and revision
Minimal errors do not affect the readability of the essay
Problems with any of the following (which are underlined) affect readability and need improvement: commas, semi-colons, colons, spelling, fragments, run-on sentences, passive voice, MLA citation, length of paper, adherence to assignment specifications

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