maximum time frame appeal letter

1. Letter explaining the special circumstances that prevented you from completing your program within the maximum time-frame (i.e. change of program, 2nd degree, transferred units).

So first of all when I transferred only few of my courses I took in community college has been accepted toward my transcript. Second, my family was going through a economically hard situation. not only It was mentally hard time but also it led me to work so my focus on study was kinda disrupted. Third last year I was focusing on GPA rather than graduation. Fourth I did not know there was a maximum time frame that I need to graduate. Fifth, I was very confident in CS and believed I can do good when I arrived to UCSD, but facing a harsh courseworks and difficulties let me discouraged a lot. I was even depressed. I could not accept C grades in my courses so I dropped a lot of classes. However, retaking courses did not increase my GPA. I was more and more depressed. However, from now on I will devote myself into school and try to graduate next year.

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