Masterpiece Of Music

The first concert review will focus on a 2018 Tiny Desk concert by the Kings Singers, a well-known a cappella group. You may access the concert video at

or by clicking on the link posted with these instructions.
The concert is less than 18 minutes in length and consists of 4 very different pieces:

Ill Follow the Sun Lennon and McCartney (arr. by Bill Ives)
Shenandoah Traditional (arr. by Bob Chilcott)
Horizons Peter Louis van Dijk
Dessus le march dArras Roland de Lassus

All selections are in English except the last, the French text and translation of which are as follows:

Dessus le march dArras, Near the marketplace in Arras,
mireli, mirela, bon bas mireli, mirela, bon bas

Je trouv un espangart, I met a Spaniard,
sentin, senta, sur la bon bas. sentin, senta, sur la bon bas.

Il ma dit, Fille, couta, He said to me, Girl, listen,
mireli, mirela, bon bas mireli, mirela, bon bas

De largent on vous donra, Gold and silver I will give to you,
sentin, senta, sur la bon bas. sentin, senta, sur la bon bas.

Review Instructions:
Write a heading for your review with the name of the group. You will write 4 paragraphs as follows:
Choose 3 of the pieces. For each piece write a paragraph in which you identify it and explain in a summary what the words are about (2 or 3 sentences at most; do not quote, summarize), and in which you describe at least 2 elements of the pieces music (melody, harmony, etc.) using appropriate musical terms we have covered in class (conjunct, disjunct, consonance, etc.)do not define the elements, describe what they are like in the song you are writing about.
Write a fourth paragraph in which you personally reflect on the music (what you liked or disliked about it, for example). Also, choose and identify 1 piece in which you think the musical setting is especially appropriate for its words and briefly explain why.

General Instructions:

The review should address the specific tasks given above. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and respond completely as directed to get the best grade. Please do not include the instructions or the prompts in your review.

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