Masses organized into social movements was the key driver in the failure of reconstruction

This paper is technically for a law class but is very history-based. We had to submit a summary of the paper before the due date so I am stuck with a specific topic. Here’s the summer that I submitted:

In this paper, I will argue that masses organized into a social movement were the primary cause of a major event in this course. The failure of Reconstruction was primarily due to a mass social movement the organization of white supremacist Southerners into the Ku Klux Klan and the consequences that followed. First, I will review the Civil War and how the conflict did not completely clarify the role of slavery and/or race in the US at the time. Next, I will argue that this obscurity and the failure of Reconstruction were a result of masses organized into social movements. Lastly, I will support this by recognizing the failed attempts to dismantle the KKK and how the Force Acts failed to prevent the rise of Jim Crow laws and sentiments.

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