Martha Stewart

Topic #2-Criminal liability of businesses or businesspeople-Write a term paper on a criminal action of someone or some company who has committed a white collar crime and has either pled guilty to it, or has been convicted of the crime in a trial.This has to be a trial or incident that is timely and has occurred in the 21st century.Choose only one defendant and make your paper detailed.
Information on term paper:
1)Must be a research paper 10-12 pages in length minimum-not including bibliography
2)Must be on one of the broad topics that I will post
3)Must include sources of information, footnotes and a bibliography
4)Must be your own original work
5)The topics will be legal topics, so you can use caselaw, statute books, text books, or any legal treatise or legal opinions that you can find on the subject.Be sure to use proper citation form

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