Marketing Exam

This exam covers material from Class. To complete the exam, respond to the three essay-response items presented. Each item is worth 33 points (you receive one bonus point for completing the exam). Your responses may be based upon any of the material covered in the course, as well as any outside-of-class material that you believe to be appropriate.

1. Amos Washington would like to sell his urban sportswear line abroad but knows
nothing about shipping his goods to markets outside of the United States. He is
struggling with the task of choosing a foreign market channel that is most
appropriate for his company. Examine alternative intermediary (sometimes termed
middleman) choices and suggest an option that you believe to be appropriate for
Mr. Washington. Compare this option with other potential options.

2. Assume that you are the communications manager for a company that is seeking
to begin a communications effort targeting buyers in a foreign market. Which of
the steps in the international communications process will probably present you
with the greatest challenge? Explain.

3. Explain why “time” is such an important variable in international negotiations.

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