Please answer the question individually:

Alice Thornstrom, a very successful psychologist, has developed a new method that she believes will revolutionize addiction treatment. Her method is based on combination of behavior modification via a combination of talking, group sessions (limited to small groups of 3-5 people), and small incremental activities to strengthen and reward progress, meditation and visualization, as well as gamification. None of these elements are new by itself, but her breakthrough innovation is the way she has managed to combine them into a holistic treatment that maximizes the synergy among them.

Alice has tested her method mostly with teenagers who had to battle addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and even addiction to sugary drinks and junk food. She has helped them overcome their addictions, and also in developing good habits for healthy living such as eating mindfully and healthy, as well as exercising. Her success rate has been over 87 percent, with overcoming alcohol addiction and shifting to healthy diets being the two most successful modifications of behavior.

Alice is thinking of starting her own health services and consulting business. She believes that she has a valuable innovative service, and that she can make money. You have been hired by Alice as a marketing consultant to help her with the launching and marketing of her new product. Answer the following questions:

Question #1
What are the relevant criteria for segmenting the market? Which segment should be selected as the target market and why?

Question #2
How should Alice brand her method? Select a brand name, and identify the unique brand image and all relevant associations that she would like to be associated with this name.

Question #3
Product design and distribution.  How should the product be delivered to the target market, and why? Provide detailed explanations.

Question #4
Promotion including web based methods. Identify the best core message. How should this message be communicated across different media and methods? Identify the most critical media/methods, explain why you selected them, and provide concrete examples/samples of how you will communicate the core message(s).

Question #5
Pricing. What pricing method should Alice use, and why? What are the key factors to take under consideration?

Question #6
How should Alice sustain her brands competitive advantage? What are the key challenges, and how should she try to deal with them?

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