Managing Resources

Please answer BOTH discussion prompts.

Discussion Prompt #1 Assume you are going on a nursing job interview. Considering your personal preferred work schedule, what scheduling practices would be most satisfying to you and might lead you to accept employment with the organization? What scheduling practices might cause you to look elsewhere for a job? Develop a list of questions to ask your potential employer regarding scheduling practices in his or her organization.

Discussion Prompt #2 List the types of biomedical technology available for patient care in your organization. List ways that you currently use the data and information gathered by these systems. How do these help you care for patients? Can you think of other ways to use the technology? Can you think of other ways to use the data or information? Have we come to rely too heavily on technology rather than on our own judgment? Justify your answer. Other than the technology that can either escalate or mitigate cost when utilized appropriately, what other factors that can escalate health care costs?

*Refer to Chapters 12, 13, 16, 20,  and 21 in the attached PDF for assistance.

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