Management and Leadership

A.  Using the MSML Annotated Bibliography Template in the Supporting Documents section, create an annotated bibliography with references for 2 scholarly articles you select for each of the following courses in your MSML program:

  C200: Managing Organizations and Leading People

  C203: Application of Effective Leadership

  C202: Managing Human Capital

  C201: Business Acumen

  C204: Management Communication

  C205: Leading Teams

  C206: Ethical Leadership

  C208: Change Management and Innovation

  C209: Strategic Management

Note: A scholarly source is written by an expert for an audience of other experts, researchers, or students. Additionally, you may cite other reputable editor-reviewed articles and books. A reputable source is defined as an article from a respected industry publication, government organization, educational institution, or industry leader.

Each article reference in the annotated bibliography should contain the following:

  a synopsis of the articles contents, including key points

  a description of why this article is important from a management and leadership perspective

B.  Discuss in detail a total of three examples of how you will apply concepts from the articles in part A in your personal or team management and leadership practices.

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