Topic: Strategies for Risk Management in Chinese Construction Industry

Research Question: 1) What type of risk occur in construction projects? 2) What are the factors that affected these risks? 3) What are the strategies to deal with these risks?

Method: online interviews

A 3 pages thesis proposal (incl. introduction, a brief literature review, the proposed methods, research aim and objectives, and implementation time, at least 10 key academic references (e.g. Academic Journals: Nature; and Science, etc.) related to your proposed thesis topic.

– Introduction: identify a project and enterprise management problem in which a key question you want to ask is located. For example, if someone is carrying out housing and planning studies, the questions over the supply of affordable housing is located within a wider debate over housing supply and demand, and the strength of local economies/wage levels. Debates over the formulation and use of action planning are located within a wider context of planning reform, and a debate surrounding local versus central planning. The statement of context should identify your broad area of concern, from which a key question emerges.

– A brief review of literature, establishing which information sources are relevant to your chosen topic: books, journal articles, web sites, datasets etc. This will NOT be a critical review based on wide reading, but an indication that data is available and you are aware of the broadly relevant sources.

– A key question or aim, which can be broken down into objectives. The question is the overall issue that your research seeks to address. The aim is a statement of the purpose of the dissertation, what you want to achieve; the objectives are the steps you need to take to achieve that aim.

– A statement of methods relating to your objectives, i.e. which methods you intend to use to collect and analyse the data necessary of fulfilling each objective and meeting the overall aim.

– A statement relating to research ethics.
If there is no ethical issue in your research, you could say “the research survey method presented no potential major ethical issues”.

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