PART 1: (1/2 PAGE)
Read the file below

Read this case as an example of a strong organizational culture and set of sub-cultures.  You will notice that there is an overarching “Disney” culture that is distinct from the sub-cultures or the summer employees.  Each culture has a set of values that it embodies and enforces.

One of the most important things about studying culture is to understand the values it is expressing, how those values are expressed, evaluate whether those values are good for the organization and, if not, what you should do to the culture to change those values.

I would like you to go to the Discussion Board with the products of your cultural analyses of the Disneyland case.  You should plan on posting at least once.

In your post, you should identify evidence of culture….also called a cultural artifact.  In your post, discuss four things:.

1. What the artifact is.

2. The culture or sub-culture to which it directly relates.

3. What value it expresses and/or reinforces

4. Is it generally a good or bad thing for the particular culture/sub-culture you cite?

Part 2: (1/2 PAGE)
Write an organizational change that you would like to propose for the Tobin School of Business or St. John’s in general.  In your description outline:
The change that you want to propose
Why the change is important.
Who you should recruit to help you gain support for this change
Who might resist that change.
How you will deal with change resistors.

Part 3: (1/2 page)
I would like you to discuss how the information on individual components (personality, values, emotions, attitudes) of organizational behavior makes you think about the dynamics of your team.  Specifically, I would like you to discuss how the information about individual organizational behavior issues might improve the ways that you approach team dynamics.  For example, how can issues related to individual personality differences or attitudes towards the team impact how much individuals are contributing to your team?  Does having emotional intelligence make someone a better team member?  How? 

There are many issues that you can raise from the chapters on personality, values, emotions, and attitudes.

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