male violence against women in heterosexual relationships

My input:
The topic is male violence against women in heterosexual relationships.

the purpose of this paper is to explore how male violence against women in intimate relationships is normalized.

this paper argues that patriarchal structures create the social conditions for male violence against women in heterosexual relationships through hegemonic masculinity.

Then the subissues are: patriarchy, hegemonic masculinity, how they operate together to normalize and legitimize male violence against women in heterosexual relationships.

I still need a proper thesis.

Use the following sources only:

Chowdhury, E. H. (2015). Rethinking patriarchy, culture and masculinity: Transnational narratives of gender violence and human rights advocacy. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 16(2), 98.

Hunnicutt, G. (2009). Varieties of patriarchy and violence against women: Resurrecting Patriarchy as a theoretical tool. Violence Against Women, 15(5), 553-573.

Mshweshwe, L. (2020). Understanding domestic violence: Masculinity, culture, traditions. Heliyon, 6(10), e05334-e05334.

Pearson, E. (2019). Extremism and toxic masculinity: The man question re-posed. International Affairs (London), 95(6), 1251-1270.

Sikweyiya, Y., Addo-Lartey, A. A., Alangea, D. O., Dako-Gyeke, P., Chirwa, E. D., Coker-Appiah, D., Adanu, R. M. K., & Jewkes, R. (2020). Patriarchy and gender-inequitable attitudes as drivers of intimate partner violence against women in the central region of ghana. BMC Public Health, 20(1), 682-682.

Look at Sylvia Walby, RW Connell, Michael Messerschmidt, Michael Kimmel as well. ARTICLES USED MUST BE SOCIOLOGY BASED, NO PSYCHOLOGY OR PSYCH TERMS PERMITTED.

Instructions for the paper:
Your research paper is worth 30% of your final grade and will be evaluated on a 30-point
scale based on the following criteria:
1) Content: (15 points) adequately addressing the topic with an emphasis on
violence in Canadian families, and critical analysis that considers the strengths
and the weaknesses of the research sources in light of the papers main research
argument. Avoid relying too heavily on summarizing and/or describing your
research sources, or simply describing a problem. You must engage the sources
and critically apply them to your argument (i.e., thesis). Your analysis should
address why and how this social problem/issue occurs. Your paper should
emphasize HOW this social phenomenon becomes normalized in our society. In
other words, you need to examine the social process by which this social
phenomenon occurs and is legitimated in our society as normative.
2) Thesis Statement and Clarity of Argument: (5 points) focus, direction and
logical organization and integration of ideas in a well structured argument. Do
you have a thesis statement? Your paper should have an obvious, clear,
concise, one sentence thesis. Your thesis statement clearly states in one
sentence the argument of your paper.
3) Structure and Organization: (5 points) paper should include the following
a. Introduction: clearly stating your thesis/research argument and the
specified points you will be arguing in the paper.
b. Body of Paper: where you develop your argument with support from
your reference sources.
c. Conclusion: links your main ideas together.
4) Proper referencing style and grammar: (5 points) Both direct quotes and an
authors ideas must be referenced in your paper. Your paper should not have
more than one or two (maximum) direct quotes. The paper should
primarily be written in your own voice with social science citations
crediting the scholars to whom those ideas belong. APA is the preferred
referencing style. All referencing citations must include the authors name and
the year of the publication. Your references in your bibliography must include the
authors name, the year of the publication, the exact and complete title of the
article/book, the publishers name, the city of publication, and (in the case of a
journal article or book chapter) page numbers. Please note that essays that do
not include the required FIVE scholarly sources (as defined in the terms
above) will automatically be given a failing grade

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