Male Gaze and Marvel

Requirements of Mulvey option:     

Describe the relevant portions of Mulvey’s article Visual Pleasure Narrative Cinema.
Describe the film you watched.
Analyze the film. How are women portrayed? What is their role in the film? Not only the Superheroes but the supporting characters (Don’t just focus on Black Widow, Ms Potts has a role as well). Are the female characters being sexualized? (Super heroes present an interesting challenge. Everyone is wearing tights. Is the sexualization different than it is for male characters?) Do females have value beyond their sexuality? Does the camera take a male perspective? Are females being objectified?
Evaluate whatever film you have chosen as well as Mulvey’s theory. Does the Marvel Cinematic Universe objectify women, causing simultaneous voyeuristic and scopophilic experiences? Or is the culture changing? If the culture is changing, does Mulvey’s theory still hold up?
Paper Option #3 is due Wednesday, 12/02 at 11:59pm.
No matter which prompt you pick, there will be some commonalities:

1) The paper will be 5 – 7 pages, not including cover page and works cited.

2) You will cite at minimum 3 sources.

3) You will use APA formatting for citations and cover page. No abstract is required.

4) You will be describing, analyzing and evaluating. No matter which prompt you pick, this is not simply giving your opinion.

5) Make sure to include an introduction where you not only introduce the paper in an interesting way but inform the reader (me) of your thesis.

5) Your work will be judged on both content and style. Make sure you are taking the time to edit your work. Presentation matters.

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