M5: Weekly Journal

For this reflective journal, take a tour of The Heights. Open the map in a new tab, and search for Child and Adult Protective Services. Launch and explore Vivienne’s scenario, then respond to the prompts below.

What did Vivienne’s story teach you about domestic violence?
What impact does domestic violence have on the family system?
What are other issues impacting this family?
Looking at Vivienne’s ecomap you can see that she is involved in many different systems. What role do you see systems playing in promoting and combating domestic violence in contemporary society? Give examples and integrate material from this module.

In order to successfully complete this assignment, you need to meet the following requirements:

Submit your responses to the above questions by the posted due date.
Your responses should be a well-developed, double-spaced essay of 750-1000 words total.
Integrate at least three readings from this module into your response.
Your weekly journal assignments will be shared only with your instructor.
You will be graded based on the Weekly Journal Rubric.

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