M5 Discussion

This is a two part assignment the first part is below instruction after i post the first part then i can provide the second part which is to respond to three student post.



The NVD is the U.S. government repository of standards-based vulnerability management data represented using the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). This data enables the automation of vulnerability management, security measurement, and compliance. The NVD includes databases of security checklist references, security-related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, and impact metrics.


Search the NVD (Vulnerabilities CVE) https://nvd.nist.gov/ and identify a cryptographic vulnerability.  Then answer the following questions about the vulnerability chosen:

What vulnerability did you select?
What are the possible attack vectors that can be used against this vulnerability?
What are the possible ways to address the vulnerabilities found?

In response, choose two of your peers who have selected a different vulnerability than your own and discuss your thoughts on how they differ regarding attack vectors and ways to address them.

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