M5.1 Student-Directed Discussion: Stories of Moral Dilemmas

Videos to watch:



Sometimes, moral dilemmas will be so tough that we will need resources outside of our personal ethical decision-making toolkit which will come from facts and context. But we will need support as well. The support of peers will be indispensable, and in addition, one of the most powerful tools you will ever have is a concrete statement of who you are as a moral person. In this discussion, well begin the process of self-examination. By the end of the module, you will have a concrete visualization of your moral self. You will be able to refer to it any time you need to, and especially when the decision you are facing is very hard. It will be a wonderful reminder of what a good person you are.

Initial Post:
Reflect back to the contents of Chapter 2 section 2.7, Moral Principles (pp. 63-64). By Thursday of Module 5, share a story from your own life in which one of those moral principles was tested. It might be an autobiographical story, or one which you have observed. In your post, reflect on these questions:

What moral principle was at stake?
What was the outcome?
In reflecting on this story, were you satisfied with what you did? Why?
Name one way that you could have done it better. If you had a chance to do it again, what would you do? According to which moral principle?
Use explicit references to concepts, theories or philosophers from your textbook that apply.

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