M4.8: Discussion insecure directo object reference

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Insecure Direct Object References or IDOR occurs when an application takes input from the user and uses it to retrieve an internal object such as a file or database key without performing sufficient authorization. In these cases, the attacker can then make changes in the references to get access to unauthorized data.  In this activity, we will explore more about IDOR vulnerabilities.


Before you begin, please read the following:

Enciphers. Insecure Direct Object Reference – a modern age SQLI https://enciphers.com/insecure-direct-object-reference-a-modern-age-sqli/
GeeksforGeeks. Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR) Vulnerability https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/insecure-direct-object-reference-idor-vulnerability/

Next, consider a banking application where a unique Id identifies every customer. As we know, HTTP is a stateless protocol, so URL parameters are commonly used by the developer to pass information between the web pages. But, the hacker can manipulate this information to access unauthorized content and resources. For example, the URL www.bank.com/custid=145 is manipulated by the hacker to www.bank.com/custid=156 to access the information of another bank customer.  If the request is vulnerable to Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) you will be able to see the transaction details for that user whose custid=156.

Now, based on your readings and the case above, discuss the following with your peers:

How can IDOR vulnerabilities be detected?
How can IDOR vulnerabilities be prevented?

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