M3D1: I’m aFreud of mySelf!

Material to read:


This week, try to find and share your own video from TED Talks or somewhere else that connects with the concepts we’re learning! GO!

If you were able to find a video that relates to the content this week, please share it and why you think it’s relevant.
True or False? “Everyone engages in self-serving bias.”  Make sure to support your opinion with evidence and examples.
Share some tips for maintaining and strengthening self-control. What works best for you and why?
Where do you stand on Freudian ideas? Do you think his theories have value today? Why or why not? In your response, discuss your thoughts on dream interpretation and defense mechanisms. For example, how much do our dreams reveal to us, and are they worth examining or a waste of time? Or what do you think is the most common defense mechanism and why do you think it’s used so frequently?

Previos class materia example of video for the one you need:



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