livable city – a descriptive and analytical photo essay

Your research paper will be based on your virtual field observations within your own neighbourhood (i.e., the
place that you currently live). You are required to write a descriptive and analytical photo essay viewed through
the lens of a livable city (including Walkability).

This essay can be in any neighbourhood as long as it is in toronto.

1) Create a Mental Map of your neighbourhood: First, you will need to draw the boundary of your
neighbourhood (according to you) on a map, and include that map with your essay. Type in your address
on the Google Maps website ( and print a map at a scale which you think
encompasses your neighborhood. Draw the boundary of your neighbourhood on the map. Please label any
features on your map that are relevant to your discussion of your neighbourhood as a livable and walkable
space (these features should be mentioned in your essay). Please give your map a title and provide a legend
for the features you have labelled.

2) Conduct virtual field observations in your neighbourhood: you must provide at least eight Google
Street View screen capture images in your research paper (this is your “virtual field work”). Explore
your own neighbourhood using Google Street View, and take some screen shots to illustrate the four
aspects (that you have chosen from the list below) that you feel make your neighbourhood liveable, as
well as areas for improvement related to these aspects.
This is an example of Google Street View in front of the Chang School at Ryerson you can try to virtually
walk down the street and around campus:,-
3) Write the Essay: Your research paper must be organized around 3 main subheadings: Introduction with
Mental Map, Livability, and Walkability (with walkability score sheet).
a) A Title Page (2 Marks): Separate page. Please create a descriptive title (that captures the essence of
your neighbourhood).
Introduction and
Mental Map (8Marks):One page of text maximum.In the introduction clearly state the following:
a. Briefly define the concept of a liveable city
b. Mention the location of your neighbourhood (including street boundaries)
c. Please make  a  reference  to your Mental  Mapin  your  introduction (place  the  map after your introductionnot in an append ex )
d. Briefly state the 4 aspects that you will discussin your photo essay which you think make your neighbourhood a liveable and walkable place, and that you will conclude with a general discussion about the walkability of your neighbourhood.

c)Livability (20Marks):4 Pages in length. The following is a list of aspects of your neighbourhood that may make it a livable space to you.Please choose 4 of them to discuss in your essay:Parks and open spaces(greenspaces)Transportation options and related issuesSocialization spacesTypes of retail spaces(for all?)Mixed land uses: residential, office, services, retailStreets: layout, lighting, sidewalksMix of architectural styles: visual interest and pleasantness.
On each of the next 4 pages(one page for each aspect), you will place at least two Google Street View screen capture images(or collage of images if you wish) at the top of thepage, illustrating the aspect you will discuss on that page. This should take up about 1/3 of the page. Below each photograph, describe what is depicted and relate it to the concept of a livable city (about 2/3 of a page each). Also, discuss the following for each aspect:What is positive about this aspect in your neighbourhood?Is there anything problematic or negative about this aspect in your neighbourhood as a whole? How could this aspect be improved in your neighbourhood? Is this aspect accessible to all members of your community?

d) Walkability(10Marks): 1 to 2 Pages in length. In the final section of your paper, describe the walkability  of  your  neighbourhood.  Consider its  relative  safety,  traffic  issues(flow,  congestion, parking,  noise), pollution  and  garbage  issues,  the  quality  of socialization  spaces(for  whom),  retail spaces, the adequacy of pedestrian walkways, aesthetic features, etc.. Try to be critical consider areas for improvement as well as positive features. Follow  the  link  below  to  determine  the  Walkability  Score  of  your  neighbourhood.  Type  in  your address, save the page, and insert it into your paper(after your discussion of walkability): Walkability Score: the Walkability Score in your discussion: Do you agree with it? Why? Why not

For the title page just add a title, I will add my school information. I added the instruction again for an easier viewing in the files section.
Thank you!

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