Literature/Article Review

Paper:  please use APA – 7 formatting ( title page and reference – just the article being reviewed).

Read  and assess the attached article, review it as though you are  a peer reviewer determining whether or not to accept for publication .

Identify and evaluate:  Problem, Theoretical Framework, variables, Sample and setting, method/design and analysis strategies, results and discussion.
Did the author use a language that was interesting and understandable?  Was the research purpose clear and related to the problem identified in the literature review?  What kind of sample was used?  How was the data collected. Did the discussion reflect the information that was demonstrated in the result section?  Was this research significant?  Did it have value?  Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the study. State if you feel the article should be printed and why.

Rojjanasrirat, W. Rice, J. (2017).  Evidence-based practice knowledge, attitudes and practice of online graduate nursing students. Nurse Education Today. 53/48-53.       

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