Literacy Project

Use the Example Lab as a template assignment.

Title of Experiment Lab


Course Name and Number (all in upper Left-hand corner)




Describe what topics will be covered, and how they correlate to the class lecture curriculum.

Pre Lab: Remember to read the lab before the date of the lab


Introductory paragraph–Briefly introduce each activity.


Briefly review the methodology you are using in the lab for each activity.


What items of lab equipment are being used?


Report your individual and group results.


Discuss the reasons this lab was performed.  What did you learn that associates with the lecture curriculum?  Did the data support the hypothesis? (Many labs will not have a hypothesis though.)

Reference List:  DO NOT PLAGIARISE, ensure that all ideas are placed in your own words.  Cite anything using APA format that is not your own thoughts.  You do not have to cite the textbook or lab book.

Read, analyze, and complete the attached files, then create a concise lab report using the following template add the forms to the report and upload to the submission point.

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