Lit Across Cultures

Third Essay Questions EL 3500  
Literatures Across Cultures: Spring 2021

A FIVE PAGE ESSAY is due the last day of class on May 18th. The questions below are prompts NOT actual debatable thesis statements. Feel free to come up with one of your own. 


Use New Criticism to analyze Flight (guns, Indianness, having or not having a name).
Use Feminist Criticism to analyze Flight. 
Use the concept of masculinity to analyze Flight. 
How the cycle of violence shape Flight?
How does the concept of identity shape Flight, in particular having or not having a name?
What does the time travel signify? 
How does race shape the novel?   

Also remember the papers have to have perfect grammar and spelling to get a B grade. 

Analysis: When reading the text it will be helpful to break it down into its parts. (1) What are its images? An image may have more than one meaning. (2) What is the central theme? (3) What voice does the author use? Aside from the content, the form of it is also important. Why did the author choose this voice to tell this story? 

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