Letter to a Legislator

In this exercise, you will write a two-page letter to your state or federal representative about a health-care issue currently being discussed/debated. Research where your representative stands on a current health-care issue as well as where the medical profession, such as professional organizations, practicing medical professionals, patients, and other advocates, stands on the issue. In your letter, you will state why you either agree or disagree with your representatives position on the issue and provide references to support your position. Provide a title page and a reference page. This does not count toward the total page count.

Identify a health-care issue that is currently being debated nationally or at the state level.
Write a two-page letter explaining why you agree with your representatives position or not.
Include data and evidence as appropriate to align your position with the current People goals.          a. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/healthy_people/hp2020/hp2020_topic_areas.htm  b. Include references to the appropriate government agencies.

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