Lesson Plan

Based on a vignette  example, prepare a lesson plan to be used with a child with multiple disabilities, either in 1-on-1 session or small-group session. The lesson plan includes both systematic instructions to help the child develop a learning disposition (e.g., requesting a material), noting how generalisation of the disposition would be supported across classroom activities. At least two generalisation procedures need to be identified and specified.
(Vignette to be provided)
Tasks (Word Count: No restriction)
1. Provide an overview of the child
(including descriptions of strengths, challenges, and interests).
2. Identify one learning disposition (competences, skills) to work on and
create long-term and short-term goals for the child.
3. Provide an overview of the instruction programme or lesson
(including instruction context, instructional materials, general instruction procedure, involvement of para-educator, data monitoring)
4. Provide a task analysis of the target learning disposition.
5. Create an activity for facilitating the target learning disposition, by considering prompting and reinforcement.
6. Identify the routines that are suitable for implementing the instructional plan and include generalisation procedures.
7. Describe lesson variations and extension.
8. Use relevant literature to support your arguments, where appropriate, with proper referencing.

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