Legalizing marijuana; pros, cons and your economic conclusion

As you conduct your research and develop your presentation, consider the major economic concerns impacting the American economy today. The content in your presentation pertaining to your selected microeconomic topic must relate to how the issue impacts businesses, industries, individual consumers, or individual products. Include the following aspects, as applicable:

How does demand and supply affect your chosen topic? Explain the relevant determinates of demand and supply, market equilibrium and market efficiency.
What role, if any, do price ceilings and floors pay in your chosen topic?
What role, if any, does elasticity play?
What role does government play in your chosen topic? Provide a brief analysis of one or more government policies in the applicable market.
Provide a brief background leading up to the recent occurrences, and provide a detailed overview of the current situation and its challenges.
Compare opposing views and give credit to both sides before arriving at your conclusion.
Identify the type of market related to your topic, and why prices in it fluctuate.
Discuss the application of the Economic Model of Consumer Behavior to determine the process for consumer selection. What role, if any, does the Economic Model of consumer Behavior, determine the process for consumer selection?
Discuss the relationship of the concept of incentive to economic theory to your topic.

Research Requirements

You must use at least four (4) resources for this project. Please use the ECPI Online Library for your research.

PowerPoint Presentation Requirements

You are expected to create a professional presentation. You must narrate each slide and use speaker notes.

Your presentation should contain no less than 10 slides and no more than 25 slides.
Your presentation must include:
Each slide must have a title.
Use the speaker notes to list your narrated script on each slide, except the reference slides.
Each slide should contain no more than 7 or 8 bullets.

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