Legal Analysis Report

Analysis of a Canadian sport law case…must be from the database at . Each of the 8 parts of the case must have a heading. I have attached the assignment sheet for reviewing, please look at how the assignment is being graded.

There is no need for a proper introduction or conclusion, please use the whole word count to focus on the 8 questions.

Structure: In 1200 words or less, address the following eight questions:
1) The Incident: Describe the incident that led to the legal case.
2) The Parties: Identify the parties who were involved in the legal case.
3) The Laws: Identify and describe the Canadian laws that were relevant to the
4) The Process: Describe the legal processes that are relevant to the type of case.
5) The Outcome: Describe the legal outcome of the case.
6) Challenges: Identify the challenges in applying the law to the context of sport in
the case.
7) Sport Specificity: To what extent, if at all, was sport specificity relevant to the
case? How might the case have proceeded differently if it occurred outside the
context of sport?
8) Relevance: What is the relevance of the case to sport management?

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