legal advisor and marketing manager of a theme park

prepare a report as a marketing manager of Peter pan’s playground

As the marketing manager for PPP, you have been asked to produce a report that

addresses the following issues:

Issue One: Can Jack sue for misrepresentation?
Issue Two: Can Jack sue for PPP for his injuries?
Issue Three: Can Jill sue for PPP for her physical injuries?
Issue Four: Can Jill sue for PPP for her Psychiatric injuries?
Issue Five: Can Jack and the other members of the queue sue for PPP for their Psychiatric injuries?
Issue Six: What is the status of Jacks ownership of the ring?
Issue Seven: Has Jack committed insurance fraud?
Issue Eight: Does the attendant have a claim under either Wrongful or Unfair Dismissal?

all issues above need to be addressed with the UK law and just the UK law in mind. USE CASE LAWS AS REFERENCES. this is an example of a case law citation, Barret v Enfield LBC [2001] 2 AC 550.

make sure to use the CLEO framework for all eight issues I have attached a pdf on cleo framework

I also attached a very important 10 minute video of the lecturer talking about this coursework, it also shows you how references look like, he talks in depth on how to do the coursework.

I also attached 3 word documents (notes) of UK laws.

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