Learning from a live drummer



Your task for this assignment is to study the way live drummers play by analyzing some examples of your choice.
First, search through YouTube for some live drumming videos — ideally videos where you can actually watch the drummer playing throughout. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about from ex-ICON instructor Ryan Browne:

Copy links to two of these videos into your submission, along with a paragraph for each of them on what you learned from it.
Hint: we’re looking for cool grooves, not drum solos. Try to find songs with interesting grooves that you can learn from.  In Ryan’s video above for example, there’s a simple but effective groove that happens right around 0:14, this is a good example of what we’re looking for here. There are other sections later in the video that you might look at as well. 
Specifically keep in mind and comment on the techniques and topics discussed in the videos from this Lesson:
* How a drummer creates a live feel
* The functions of each drum in the kit
* Variations in pitch and velocity and when/how they’re used
* Phrasing patterns
* Motifs
* Tempo and note values in each instrument of the kit
You’ll be graded on your effort to find videos that meaningfully illustrate the concepts we’ve been studying in this course so far, as well as your written response to each video.
Check the Rubric tab above for the exact requirements you’ll be graded on. 

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