Leapfrog Case Analysis

Case Study Analysis 1: Learning from LeapFrog

Questions to answer as part of your submission (please answer in sequential order and
provide section clarity):

1. What is LeapFrogs business model? What are the particular benefits/value to customers that
LeapFrog provides? Explain why these are useful for LeapFrogs key customer segments.

2. Analyze Mike Woods process of discovering/developing his business model initially. Highlight
key activities and events. Use relevant keywords and concepts from the readings.

3. What have been the most important factors (maximum of three) for the on-going success for
LeapFrog? Do these fit into the traditional key success factors of the industry, or do they help
redefine these industry factors as part of their business model?

4. What are the key insights (maximum of three) from this case that can help inform you and your
entrepreneurial career (such as about opportunities, processes, and the success of your firm)?

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