Leadership Podcast

1) Select the 2 best segments of Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast on YouTube

2) Share the links to those segments.

3) Offer a 2-3 sentence summary of the big ideas discussed in each segment.

4) Offer 2-3 sentences about how you can tie the segment to any of the course materials listed below

a . Identify different leadership styles, tactics, and preferences.
b. Conduct a personal assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and situational leadership qualities.
c. Describe how a leader creates and implements a vision that aligns with the mission of the organization.
d. Explain the importance of ethics at work.
e. Demonstrate how to use leadership to influence others and build effective teams.
f. Develop effective communication techniques for a dynamic marketplace, virtual work teams, and cross-cultural transactions.

5) Discuss how you can use the knowledge you gained in the future.

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