Leadership in Film

Watch at least one popular film on leadership issues from the list below. In your paper, discuss the plot of the film through analysis of the designated character. What traits were displayed by the leader? What leadership skills did the leader exhibit? What leadership style(s) did the leader display? Was the character an effective leader? Why or why not? You should support your assertions with at least two sources. In APA FORMAT
Student Should:

  a.  fully discusses the plot chronologically and the characters.
  b. fully describes the leaders traits, skills, style and effectiveness and justifies his/her conclusion by supporting references.
  c. fully completes the paper with 0-2 errors.
  d. describes the film coherently and logically with an identifiable introduction and conclusion. There is a transition between paragraphs and sections.
  e. supports ideas with the required number and type of sources correctly cited and referenced.


Choose one of these films:

1.Gettysburg Part I: Col. Joshua Chamberlain – Jeff Daniels
2.Invictus: Nelson Mandela – Morgan Freeman
3.Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln – Daniel Day-Lewis
4.Miracle: Herb Brooks – Kurt Russell
5.Remember the Titans: Coach Herman Boone – Denzel Washington
6.Thirteen Days: John F. Kennedy – Bruce Greenwood

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