Leadership Credibility and Influence

Based on your responses to the assessment, calculate a final score.(Enclosed)

Write a paper that identifies one situation where there was room for improvement in each of the areas listed below.

Do I fulfill commitments to myself and others? In our fast-paced, information overload world, weve become accustomed to overpromising and under-delivering. But when we dont follow through with our commitments, we lose credibility with others and respect for ourselves. Before you make any commitment, ask yourself these questions:
Is this a commitment I really want to make?
Will I follow through with this? Pause and reflect, then commit, deliver, and repeat.

Do I walk my talk? When we share half-baked ideas or say things we dont really mean, we lose personal credibility. People wont believe the message if they dont believe the messenger. Make sure your actions match your words and beliefs. Lead by example, modeling for others through consistency, competency, and communication.

Do I extend trust to others? As a leader with responsibilities for business outcomes, it can be hard to extend trust to others. Yet, when we micromanage and fact check, we send the message to our team that they cant be trusted.

List an action step you can take in each of the areas which will enhance your credibility with your coworkers.

Your paper should be 400500 words in length.

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