Leadership Analysis reflection

I have attached the assignment sheet for this paper, for you to read in detail… this is a personal essay so you can come up with reflective ideas that make the paper look good. There are two main questions to answer: Who are you as a Leader? and Who do you want to become as a leader?

The following is a more detailed description:

The Leadership Analysis Assignment requires students to work independently to reflect on and write about their preferred leadership style (e.g., authoritative and participative) and behaviours (e.g., transactional and transformational). Students will prepare a concise five-page report (following APA guidelines) that critically examines their personal leadership profile.

There are three sources that you need to include:

Your 5C Leadership self-assessment scores from www.5cleader.com

George et al.s Your Development as an Authentic Leader questions on page 5

Welty Peachey et al.s Individual level antecedents to leadership on page 119

Another 3 proper sources would be good to have as well.

The course text is MacIntosh & Burtons Organizational Behavior in Sport Management (2019)

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