A good benchmark for the length for each answer is 3-5 paragraphs and you must provide support for your answers.

1. Are leaders born or made?

2. Reflect on the course content by discussing the three most important things you believe any leader should know. You may choose to discuss one or more principles, tactics or styles, anything we have learned this session. There is no “stock” answer to this question. However, you must provide support for your opinions.

3. Discuss the feasibility of servant leadership as a style to be used in traditional Criminal Justice organizations such as police and corrections. Your answer should include a discussion of the elements of servant leadership.

4. Think of a workplace, organization or situation within which you have been a follower recently. Using one of the followership typologies from the text and its associated dimensions, name what type of follower you are. Use examples of your behavior and a leaders behavior to support your claim.

5. What evidence is there for the existence of a glass ceiling? Explain the pipeline argument regarding women’s advancement to leadership positions and offer evidence to support or refute it.

6. How does culture influence the leadership process? Which of the nine cultural dimensions identified by GLOBE researchers do you think most contributes to cross-cultural miscommunication? Give examples to support your claim.

Provide a Reference for each one.

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