Leadership Case Study Paper
Leadership Case Study Paper: The student selects a company to discuss leadership issues that are currently occurring. The paper shall include a summary of the issues as well as the leadership style of the leaders involved and the culture of the organization.

For the leader profile select the leader of the organization you have chosen. Use Gary Kelly  of Southwest  Airlines

Provide the issues using the case study template provided to you.

**Company/Organization must have a Wall Street Journal Article**

Due: The paper and presentation are due in week 8 via Moodle upload by the last day of class.

Submission criteria: 1800 – 2300 words, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font, APA format, and integration of citations from at least 5 scholarly references.


Weekly Case Studies are required to have the following:

Title Page


Body of Paper Will Consist of the following sections:

Leader Profile
Questions (Problem Subsection, Evaluation Subsection, and Hypothesis Subsection)
Proof and Action
Personal Reflection
References Page (with references in APA format)

Papers will have at least one APA formatted citation in the body of the paper

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