Knowledge and Skill Interventions

    Discuss and describe how a Knowledge and Skill intervention might help address the performance gaps in your organization.
    Use what you have learned in this unit and write a 200300-word description of a possible Knowledge and Skill intervention that might address a performance gap in your organization. This may be a performance gap you have identified for your project, or it may be a completely separate performance gap.

1. Use this outline to describe a possible Knowledge and Skill intervention:
        Intervention title.
        Target audience.
        Theory. (Describe the theory or conceptual framework that undergirds your design of the intervention. Examples for this unit: Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory, Gagne’s Instructional Events.)

        Description of successful examples from the literature. (Who has implemented a similar intervention? What was the impact on performance?)

        Timing. (How long will it take to implement the intervention?)

        Requirements. (What kinds of logistical and other elements are required to make the intervention work?)

        Design description. (This is not an implementation plan. Give a detailed description of the critical elements of the intervention, the sequence or arrangement of these elements, and any other description that will help you or others create the supporting material that will implement the intervention.)

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