King Arthur Case Study

questions needed to be answered:
King Arthur
1. What are some ethical reasons to share ownership with employees? These reasons can come directly from the case study or you can state more general ethical reasons for any business to share ownership with employees.
2. What kinds of firms are likely to flourish as an employee owned business? What kinds of firms are less likely to flourish?
3. Discuss whether its easier to follow the stakeholder approach, i.e., to create value for multiple stakeholders, as a publicly owned stock corporation versus an employee owned company.

grading rubric:
Quality of Content (10 points)
-address each prompt (above) for your case study. You may write more in response to a prompt you are particularly interested in.
-reveal a thorough understanding of the case study
-incorporate relevant concepts covered in MGT9200. In other words, convince me you are learning something from taking this class (as opposed to another class). For example, write something like, This pertains to our discussion in class the other day about XYZ because… or Freeman et al. (2018) explains XYZ and that applies to this case in the following way…

Expression (2.5 points)
For full credit, your statement should be …
-presented using appropriate grammar and spelling, full sentences and full paragraphs. In
other words, do not use bullet points.
-well communicated and readily understandable
-properly cite any ideas or material that are not your own. The reference section will not be
counted in your final word count.

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