Keepin DACA

Topic and your point of view for review: Friday, Nov. 20

Annotated Bibliography Due: Wednesday, Nov. 25

First Draft Due: Wednesday, Dec. 2

Peer-editing: Completed by Sunday, Dec. 6

Final Essay Due: Sunday, Dec. 13

Length: 5 pages (approximately 1000 words).

This essay must argue/support a claim.

  You must use at least four credible sources which are properly cited within the paper and on a works cited page.

You need to use as appropriate statistics, facts, expert views and examples/illustrations.


You can select your own topic. Follow the guidelines in your text to ensure that the topic has been narrowed and is debatable.

Please avoid topics that are so large that it would impossible to argue them in the length of this paper.

A good topic is debatable and focused. We sometimes can think of it in terms of a question that then becomes a claim.

Thinking of a Topic

A good topic is one where there is a legitimate or reasonable differences.  If most people would agree with you (stealing is wrong), it is not a good topic.

A good topic has some importance.

A good topic is one where the correct position cannot be determined. (We cant determine now, for example, who will win the Superb

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