Reading Response Rubric

Students will write a 500 – 750 – word (typically 2-3 pages) response to a course reading, in which they:
– Summarize the reading and the argument the author makes therein
– Correctly identify and clearly state the conclusion the author is advancing
– Correctly identify and clearly state the steps the author takes to advance their conclusion
– Correctly identify and clearly state any counter arguments or objections the author considers, and their response
– Analyze the authors argument and reasoning
– Correctly and clearly explain how the various steps in the authors reasoning supports their conclusion, or advances their argument
– Correctly and clearly explain the significance of the counterarguments/objections the author considers (if any) for their conclusion
– Correctly and clearly explain how the authors response to counter arguments/objections is supposed to meet and diffuse the challenge posed for their argument
– Draw out important elements of the authors reasoning, and explain how their argument could be generalized to other cases
– Respond to the authors argument.  This may take the form of critiquing the authors reasoning or conclusion, or offering your own support for it. 
– Clearly state agreement/disagreement with the authors argument
– If you agree with certain elements and disagree with others, specify which elements you agree with and which you disagree with
– Explain why you agree/disagree with the authors argument/certain elements of it
– Draw on outside evidence and reasoning to support your agreement/disagreement.

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