Johannine Literature

Identify three significant themes that are emphasized through Johns work. List and
explain some examples where you see each theme occurring, drawing from both the
gospel and the letters for each theme. For each theme: why is the development of this
theme significant for understanding Johannine literature?
2. Identity the seven stand-alone I AM statements and the seven I am statements
from the gospel of John. Taking these statements together (without neglecting their
immediate context) interpret and explain the significance of this imbedded pattern within
the narrative.
3. In John 20:31 the gospel identifies its purpose. In keeping with that purpose statement,
many people consider the gospel of John highly effective in revealing Jesus to people and
accomplishing that ongoing goal. Identify and explain some examples of how the writing
supports this goal. On a personal level, do you find it reasonable to suggest that people
can personally encounter Jesus through the gospel of John? Why, or why not?
4. Using both the letters and the gospel of John, explain the role, actions, and results of the
presence of the Holy Spirit (a) for individual Christians and (b) for churches as
communities of the Spirit.

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