Jesus’ View of Women Exercise

During Jesus three-year ministry before His death, the Bible records a number of instances where He interacted with women of all social backgrounds.  Although His twelve closest disciples were men, women were also clearly active and involved in ministry to and for the Lord.

Reference Book: Feminine Threads by Diana Lynn Severance

Using available Bible study helps complete the following:
Choose at least three different instances found in the Gospels where women are mentioned in some capacity of ministry, or where Jesus had significant conversations with women or referred to them in an illustration or parable.

Give the Scriptural references and write a short summary of each interaction, evaluating their motives, attitudes, and responses to Jesus.  (1 paragraph for each)
Then, using Scripture as your basis, summarize what you think Jesus thoughts were concerning the role of women in ministry to others.  Be sure to give Scriptural support with your answers. (1-2 paragraphs total)

After you have done the above, read the article linked below.  Compare your conclusions with what this author wrote.  List three points that stood out to you (including the page number) and why? (1-2 paragraphs)

Scholarly academic resources – APA format is required

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