Jain New Year

Research: Thoroughly research the preapproved holy days/festivals and from that research write a four to six page double-spaced research paper (1200 to 1800 words), not including the title page or bibliography. The paper must include the following content:
1.    Overview of the religion that observes the holy day/festival
2.    How the holy day/festival fits with the other festivals in that religion
3.    Thorough description of the holy day/festival
4.    Exploration of what participants or observers can learn about the religion from the holy day/festival. See Moodle for a grading rubric.

Your paper should be written using and citing from at least five sources, including articles from a combination of scholarly journals, books, and websites specific to the religion the paper addresses. Sources should include authors from the religious tradition being researched. The paper must evidence higher critical thinking skills. More will be said about this in class and on Moodle.

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