is it ethical to use animals where that animal is likely to experience pain

Each student will select one of the topics discussed in the text (or propose one to your instructor) and write a ten to twelve-page paper that explores an issue related to that topic. The main purpose of this paper is to apply the critical thinking concepts from this course to a specific issue related to the psychology of motivation.
The paper will include:
Your rationale for choosing the topic
A clear definition/explanation of topic being addressed
A synthesis of your research (i.e., combining separate elements into a coherent whole)
Your conclusions based on the research
Your recommendations for addressing the issue
As you begin your research, please consider addressing the following:
History/background of the topic
Current trends and related implications
Predictions for the future, including rationale
In terms of writing:
Start with an Introduction and end with a Conclusion
Include a Title Page
Include a References page listing at least 10 to 20 resources (in addition to your textbook)
utilized for the paper. Remember, only resources cited within your paper may be listed in your
Use APA styleAll written submittals will include the following:
? Title page
? Introduction
? Page header with a short title (Running Head) and page numbers
? Page footer with student name and submittal date
? Standard 12-point font (Arial, Helvetica, Palatino, or Times New Roman)
? Double-spaced
? Papers of 10 to 12 pages max. (table of contents, title page and endnotes do not count in limits)
? Table of Contents
? Heading and subheadings
? 1 margins all around

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